A metacity is a polis distributed across multiple geographic locations. This concept might be compared to that of the Roman Empire, in which a single geographic city-state became the emblem of an entire civilizational sphere of influence.

Naturally the idea of “Europa” speaks to a very similar sphere of influence, namely the greater European region. Europa Metacity is the idea of a (distributed) pan-European city-state, unified under a single political framework for peace and cooperation, with a broader attendant sphere of influence.

The Europa Metacity project operates according to the Social Futurist Principles, which include the concept of “Autonomy & Accord”; i.e. that subgroups within the larger organization (in this case nations within the European sphere, and local regions within those nations) have a high degree of autonomy and determine their own local affairs, but at the same time operate in accord with each other as part of a larger unity.

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